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Parent's Rights

RS 17:355 "Parents Access to Instructional Materials"


As a parent of a child attending a public K-12 school, you are permitted to access instructional materials used by or administered to your child.  As a parent, you are also entitled to review any survey before it is given to your child by the school. All requests to view or obtain records must be submitted in writing, either on paper or electronically.  The school or school board shall have 10 business days to complete the request.  Any fees for paper copies shall be set forth by the Grant Parish School Board.  There shall be no charge to receive records electronically.

To see RS 17:355 in full, click the link below.

RS 17.406.9 "Parents Bill of Rights for Public Schools"


Parents, your involvement plays an important role in increasing your child’s achievement. Your ability to access your child’s information boosts your involvement in his or her education. As such, you deserve to know your rights as outlined below:

  • To examine the textbooks, curriculum, and supplemental material used in your child's classroom.

  • To inspect your child's school records, and to receive a copy of your child's records within ten business days of submitting a written request. School records include

    • Academic records,

    • Medical or health records,

    • Mental health counseling,

    • Vocational counseling,

    • Records of discipline,

    • Records of attendance,

    • Records of a child's learning challenges, exceptionalities, plans for an IEP, or IAP.

    • Student-specific file, document, or materials that are maintained by the school.

  • To be notified when medical services are being offered to your child, except where emergency medical treatment is required.

  • To be notified if a criminal action is committed against your child or by your child.

  • To be notified if law enforcement personnel question your child, except in cases where the parent has been accused of abusing or neglecting the child.

  • To be notified if your child is taken or removed from the school campus without permission.

  • That the school shall not discriminate against your child based on sincerely held religious beliefs of the child’s family.

  • To receive written notice and the option to opt your child out of any surveys that include questions about any of the following:

    • The student's sexual experiences or attractions.

    • The student's family beliefs, morality, religion, or political affiliations.

    • Any mental health or psychological problems of the student or a family member.

  • To receive written notice and have the option to opt your child out of instruction on topics associated with sexual activity.

  • To access the final school calendar at least 30 days prior to the beginning of the school year.

  • To view a complete listing of all school fees and the purpose of each and how economic hardships may be addressed.

  • To view any school uniform requirements.

  • To be promptly informed if your child is at risk of not being promoted to the next grade level.

Public schools shall not release any records or information regarding a student's medical or health records or mental health counseling records to a parent during the pendency of an investigation of child abuse or neglect where the parent is the target of the investigation, unless the parent has obtained a court order.


To see RS 17:406.9 in full, click the link below

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