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2nd Grade -
Mrs. Stokes


My name is Mona Stokes.  I will be teaching 2nd grade at Verda Elementary.  This is my first year as a teacher here.  I have been teaching for 22 years.  I taught Kindergarten for 6  years and 4th grade for 16 years.  I am very excited to be back home.  My love for school started at Verda when I first stepped foot in my Kindergarten class here over 50 years ago.  

I received my bachelor's degree from Louisiana State University.  I am married to Keith, we have 5 children and 2 grandchildren.  I look forward to the school session and ask that you pray for a productive and healthy year.
Verda Office Phone (318)646-3146
Planning period is from 10:35 to 11:35 a.m.
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