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Para - Mrs. Elizabeth Arledge


My name is Elizabeth Arledge. I’m married and I have five children Matt, Emily, Jaron, Jaylee and Joshua. I enjoy spending time with my kids and family, going to church and helping people. I graduated from Montgomery High School 1999 and Northwestern State University in 2002 with an Associate Degree and Certified Paralegal. I will be pursing my Bachelor’s Degree so I can become a Certified Teacher and Sped Teacher.

I am currently a Para at VES. I love working at VES it gives me a chance to connect, influence, and inspire the lives of the students whether I’m teaching, working with a student one-on-one, or helping to maintain the learning environment. I learn just as much from the students as they do from me. It’s awesome seeing the students grow personally.

Office Phone (318)646-3146
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